SL Dragon

Flying Dragon

SL Dragon Roost

Dragon Tower

Mostly heard, rarely seen, these large flying beasts remain atop their towers most of the time. On occasion, you may see them take flight before eventually returning to their roost.

Attacks Player: Yes! Killable: Hit the Gong near the burnt village. Loot: Dragon Scales, Dragon Fire, Yellow Dragon Scales, Dragon's Hearth, Dragons Horns, Epic Blades.

It patrols from tower to tower. Sometimes when you go near them when it is at its tower, it seems to fly away and attack you with fire. Much like a Bomber. Be sure that it will follow you a long way while you try to escape. So be careful when coming near one of those towers.


Hidden in the northern area of the island is a Gong that will summon the Dragon for battle. The exact extent of the sheer power behind it is assumed far greater than even the Forest Giants or Guardians. Possible Loot drops range from scales, it's Heart, Eye, and Dragon Hide that can be used to craft a massive 54-slot large dragon scale bag and various other high end items. Yes it is possible to defeat, not recommended to do this alone - battle suggestion is stage a camp right beside the spacious flat and rocky battle field to house yourself and a respawn point to jump right back into the battle, but most importantly of all, attack as a team so someone is always on it. Beware the flame breath for it WILL burn clean through leather and savage wolf skin armor. If possible attack after obtaining full Ebon Steel armor and one of the Three Legendary blades, or more.

Location of this Gong is currently not charted on any player-made map, but is very real and some players already have saved worlds with respawns right by it. Don't forget the surrounding rocks in the area give massive mining drops, so pick up your flesh bound hammer and clean up before hand. You'll be swamped with repairs after this is over.

Is the summoned dragon via the Gong defeatable? Has it already been done? Be sure to comment below on your encounters and share screen shots of it. The Update Writer HAS FOUND this gong, it is real and swamped with undead and deer of all kinds. So if you summon it, be ready to defend against wondering Fury and weaponized Skeletons that may randomly cross the battle field.

(End Update)